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Ratio EV Charging aims to create a sustainable future through innovation, and provide accessible and no-nonsense products that enable people to move towards a world powered by renewable energy. Established in 1960, Ratio specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of electrical power connection and distribution systems in four core areas: e-mobility (electrical vehicle chargers and cables), marine, data centres and industry. Today Ratio continues to supply high-quality, functional and affordable products to OEMs, installers and specialised wholesalers.

Ratio EV Charging is a collaboration between FW Thorpe Plc and Ratio Electric. Ratio EV Charging designs and manufactures EV charging products at its factory in Redditch specifically to suit and serve the UK market.

Over 60 years of experience, combined with the FW Thorpe Plc skills and expertise, enable Ratio EV Charging to develop smart solutions for current and upcoming customer needs, such as connected charging stations and market-leading charging pillars. Ratio EV Charging products are functional, reliable and easy to use, allowing users and businesses to take control of their own energy consumption wherever they are.

Ratio EV Charging
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FW Thorpe Plc

FW Thorpe Plc was founded in Birmingham in 1936 by Frederick William Thorpe and his son, Ernest. Based in a factory in Small Heath, Birmingham, the company initially designed and manufactured vitreous enamelled steel reflectors.

Today the FW Thorpe Plc Group specialises in professional lighting and control systems which are sold throughout the world, and currently employs over 900 people. The Group management team is passionate about developing the business for the benefit of the shareholders, employees and customers. Their aim is to create shareholder value through market leadership in the design, manufacture and supply of lighting systems, with the additional EV charging division complementing the skillsets and customer base of the lighting businesses.

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The FW Thorpe Group of companies* has been officially recognised as being carbon neutral, with systems of reduction, measurement and certified offsetting in place since 2012. This decade-long status has been independently assessed by a third party in accordance with ISO 14064, an international standard for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. Meeting this standard provides independent assurance of the Group’s long-standing commitment to sustainability across all of its operations worldwide.

*Group companies acquired since 2012 have been assessed only since their date of acquisition.

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Carbon Offsetting

FW Thorpe Plc and Ratio EV Charging are fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of both their manufacturing processes and products. However, even with the most responsible approach, some carbon dioxide (CO₂) will be released into the atmosphere as an indirect result of factory and selling activities, and customers’ use of EVSE products. In 2009, FW Thorpe Plc purchased 215 acres of farmland in Wales. To date, 149,849 trees have been planted for carbon sequestration. A further 30,000 trees will be planted by the end of 2023. Based on the Group’s calculated emissions, it has been confirmed that enough trees have been planted for FW Thorpe Plc to have been carbon neutral since 2012.

The carbon capture tree-planting scheme (quality-assured by the government-backed Woodland Carbon Code) is independently certified to ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14065 standards. The Woodland Carbon Code is an independent standard, devised by a group led by the UK Forestry Commission, to certify that woodland creation projects can accurately measure how much carbon is captured and stored.

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