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Ratio EV Charging aims to create a sustainable future through innovation, and provide accessible and no-nonsense products that enable people to move towards a world powered by renewable energy. Established in 1960, Ratio specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of electrical power connection and distribution systems in four core areas: e-mobility (electrical vehicle chargers and cables), marine, data centres and industry. Today Ratio continues to supply high-quality, functional and affordable products to OEMs, installers and specialised wholesalers.

Ratio EV Charging is a collaboration between FW Thorpe Plc and Ratio Electric. Ratio EV Charging designs and manufactures EV charging products at its factory in Redditch specifically to suit and serve the UK market.

Over 60 years of experience, combined with the FW Thorpe Plc skills and expertise, enable Ratio EV Charging to develop smart solutions for current and upcoming customer needs, such as connected charging stations and market-leading charging pillars. Ratio EV Charging products are functional, reliable and easy to use, allowing users and businesses to take control of their own energy consumption wherever they are.

FW Thorpe Plc

FW Thorpe Plc was founded in Birmingham in 1936 by Frederick William Thorpe and his son, Ernest. Based in a factory in Small Heath, Birmingham, the company initially designed and manufactured vitreous enamelled steel reflectors.

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The FW Thorpe Group of companies* has been officially recognised as being carbon neutral, with systems of reduction, measurement and certified offsetting in place since 2012. This decade-long status has been independently assessed by a third party in accordance with ISO 14064, an international standard for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals.

*Group companies acquired since 2012 have been assessed only since their date of acquisition.

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Ratio ticked all these boxes and more

At Garage Play we turn tired and run-down garages into a genuine new space for the home, this could be a gym, an office, or simply a neater, nicer garage space. As part of our offering we wanted to supply EV charging equipment, but we need it to be smart enough to cope with differing power availability and solar interoperability, reliable and robust enough to cope with everyday living, plus good looking to fit in with our total proposition. Ratio ticked all these boxes and more! 

Malcolm Stapleton
Garage Play
Dominic Longley Image

One happy customer! 

Matt and the team at Ratio helped us out recently when we needed an urgent installation for a solar compatible home installation. They delivered the unit directly to site the next day and Martin even came out to site to make sure everything went well. One happy customer! 

Dominic Longley
Able Electrical
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Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions

We have been working with Ratio for a couple of months now promoting and installing their domestic chargers to our customer base. Customer satisfaction is vital to our business as word-of-mouth and repeat business is an important part of our overall marketing plan. Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions. I would happily recommend Ratio to any business looking for a reliable partner.

Ben Smyth
Director EV PowerPoint
Ross Shore Image

The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need

We are looking to grow the EV side of our business for both domestic and commercial installations. The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need from one manufacturer to provide a leading solution for our customers in both these markets. 

Ross Shore
RSS Electrical