Workplace Charging Scheme

Funded by the Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), the Workplace Charging Scheme provides a grant for businesses to reduce the cost of having an EV charge point installed at their premises. The scheme is available to businesses, charities, and public authorities, and is capped at £350 per socket, up to 40 sockets per applicant business.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The business must have off-street parking and be able to outline a business need for electric vehicle chargepoints.
  • The chargepoints must be installed by an OZEV-approved installer
  • The business must apply for a digital voucher and present it to your chosen installer

More details on the WCS can be found on the OZEV website

Infrastructure grant for staff and fleet

Alongside the Workplace Charging Scheme, there is also a grant available to help small and medium sized businesses (with 249 employees or less) install the supporting infrastructure they need for chargepoints, both now and in the future. The EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets will offer up to £15,000 of funding towards the cost of infrastructure businesses need for electric vehicle charge points, as well as for installing the chargers themselves.

Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded education institutions

The Department for Transport (DfT) has introduced a grant initiative allowing state-funded schools in England to obtain and install EV chargers. State-funded schools, colleges, nurseries and academies will now be able to claim  up to 75% of the cost to buy and install chargepoints, up to £2,500 per socket, up from the previous £350. Successful applicants will receive a voucher that is valid for 180 days from the date of issue. The installation must be completed within this time.

More details can be found on the government website.

EV chargepoint grant for tenants and flat owners

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargepoint grant allows people who live in rental accommodation or own a flat to reduce the cost of buying and installing a home charger by £350.

The grant is available for one chargepoint per eligible vehicle and household, and there must be dedicated off-street parking.

Infrastructure grant for residential car parks

This grant applies to anyone renting, leasing or managing a multi-tenancy residential property. Charging infrastructure must be installed to a minimum of 5 parking spaces, with at least one active charger. Depending on the scope of the work there is up to £30,000 available through this grant, or 75% of the total costs, whichever is less.

EV chargepoint grant for landlords

Landlords across the UK will be able to apply for 75 per cent of the cost of charging points up to £350 where they own parking areas but must be VAT registered or registered at Companies House to be eligible. Up to 200 grants are allowed per financial year for residential properties, and 100 grants per financial year for commercial properties.
Ratio Device

Creating a sustainable future through innovation.

Ratio EV Charging aims to create a sustainable future through innovation and provide accessible and no-nonsense products that enable people to move towards a world powered by renewable energy. Ratio products are functional, reliable and easy to use, providing peace of mind to home owners and businesses wherever they are.

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Ratio ticked all these boxes and more

At Garage Play we turn tired and run-down garages into a genuine new space for the home, this could be a gym, an office, or simply a neater, nicer garage space. As part of our offering we wanted to supply EV charging equipment, but we need it to be smart enough to cope with differing power availability and solar interoperability, reliable and robust enough to cope with everyday living, plus good looking to fit in with our total proposition. Ratio ticked all these boxes and more! 

Malcolm Stapleton
Garage Play
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One happy customer! 

Matt and the team at Ratio helped us out recently when we needed an urgent installation for a solar compatible home installation. They delivered the unit directly to site the next day and Martin even came out to site to make sure everything went well. One happy customer! 

Dominic Longley
Able Electrical
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Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions

We have been working with Ratio for a couple of months now promoting and installing their domestic chargers to our customer base. Customer satisfaction is vital to our business as word-of-mouth and repeat business is an important part of our overall marketing plan. Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions. I would happily recommend Ratio to any business looking for a reliable partner.

Ben Smyth
Director EV PowerPoint
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The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need

We are looking to grow the EV side of our business for both domestic and commercial installations. The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need from one manufacturer to provide a leading solution for our customers in both these markets. 

Ross Shore
RSS Electrical