Scaling of an Installation

Ratio EV products can be used to provide a scalable solution from a single charger dispensing free energy to a fully managed system reporting energy use across the business, including managing chargers installed at fleet driver’s own homes. The system will also allow credit card payments if required for public use in the future.

Stage 1


  • 1x io7 with or without load management
  • Used by the MD/CEO so there is no need for an overview of the energy use
  • RFID access to prevent unauthorised usage
  • No back-office

Stage 2

  • 4 x io7 (3 extra) for other directors
  • Load management is needed via the Sense Lite
  • Free vend but the Ratio back-office is put in place for visibility over energy use
  • Access via RFID cards or the app

Stage 3

  • Larger rollout for staff as well as directors
  • Load management is upgraded to the Sense Pro to manage the larger installation.
  • The management platform is adjusted for free-vend and paid user groups. Directors are free and staff pay a rate per kWh determined by the business
  • App or RFID access
  • The Ratio management platform can also be used to manage/monitor energy consumption of io6s at the homes of staff, for example sales reps.

Stage 4

  • A credit card payment device is added to the system for public use.

End User ROI

The CAPEX needed to install EV chargers can be prohibitive to the uptake of EV over ICE vehicles, however the end user can helped in understanding the potential of monetising the installation and turning the project from a major business expense to an opportunity to monetise some space and pay back the upfront costs.

Some assumptions as an example:

  • 6x twin 7.4kW free-standing chargers, two ‘free vend’ to directors and four for staff use
  • Average management platform costs of £60/socket/annum
  • Average business cost of £0.30/kWh, sold for £0.55/kWh
  • 4 chargers monetised for staff use, average dwell time of 6 hours per day
  • No ‘free’ electricity from a solar installation

The result is an ROI in 95 weeks of use!

Hardware Cost £20,000
Installation Cost £20,000
Management Cost (36 months) £2,160
Total CAPEX £42,160
Electricity cost / kWh £0.30
Electricity selling price / kWh £0.55
Dwell time (hours) per socket 6
Sockets monetised 8
Transacted energy per day (kWh) 355.2
Profit per day on energy transaction £88.80
Profit over a working week (5 days) £444.00
ROI (Weeks) 95

If the unit cost / kWh is halved (50% paid from the grid, 50% ‘free’ from a PV installation), the ROI comes down to 59 weeks! The CAPEX value, although not a small investment, should be seen as an opportunity to build some contribution to the business and not a cost that can’t be recouped. Some businesses are opening their carparks for public use over the weekends as charging hubs for those without off-street parking, further increasing dwell time and socket use.

Malcolm Stapleton Image

Ratio ticked all these boxes and more

At Garage Play we turn tired and run-down garages into a genuine new space for the home, this could be a gym, an office, or simply a neater, nicer garage space. As part of our offering we wanted to supply EV charging equipment, but we need it to be smart enough to cope with differing power availability and solar interoperability, reliable and robust enough to cope with everyday living, plus good looking to fit in with our total proposition. Ratio ticked all these boxes and more! 

Malcolm Stapleton
Garage Play
Dominic Longley Image

One happy customer! 

Matt and the team at Ratio helped us out recently when we needed an urgent installation for a solar compatible home installation. They delivered the unit directly to site the next day and Martin even came out to site to make sure everything went well. One happy customer! 

Dominic Longley
Able Electrical
Ben Smyth Image

Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions

We have been working with Ratio for a couple of months now promoting and installing their domestic chargers to our customer base. Customer satisfaction is vital to our business as word-of-mouth and repeat business is an important part of our overall marketing plan. Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions. I would happily recommend Ratio to any business looking for a reliable partner.

Ben Smyth
Director EV PowerPoint
Ross Shore Image

The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need

We are looking to grow the EV side of our business for both domestic and commercial installations. The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need from one manufacturer to provide a leading solution for our customers in both these markets. 

Ross Shore
RSS Electrical