At Ratio, as a part of the FW Thorpe Plc group of companies, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing products to the highest standards maintaining product quality using our wealth of manufacturing experience.

I have been in the Group since 2008 when Thorlux Lighting took me on as a young engineer just out of my apprenticeship

I was lucky enough to complete various university courses whilst working in the Product Design team. I then led the NPD team in designing and developing market-leading luminaires before leaving to set up the UK division of Ratio.

Thorlux, and the whole FW Thorpe Group, has a brand built on designing products with both the installer and end-user in mind. This foundation, when combined with the knowledge of the NPD team across Ratio in the Netherlands and the UK, is the platform for the development of the next generation of EV charging products,

For example, the new io5 app allows you to commission the charger whilst sat in your van or from inside the house away from the wind and rain, perfect for most seasons in the UK!

We also pride ourselves on our customer support across the Group and Ratio is no different, our installation partners are our voice and advocates, and we will always support them and solve any problems they have.

Having a close relationship with our installation partners is of utmost importance to us. Listening to your feedback enables us to innovate and constantly improve our products to make installation and commissioning easier, and products better for our shared customer: the end user.

I’d like to take the time to say thank you for getting to know Ratio and hope you will consider us for your next EV charging product.

Tom Jennings

General Manager

Hi, my name is Martin! Originally working as a domestic and commercial electrician, I started my career as an installer 15 years ago and am fully qualified to the latest 18th Edition.

I have always had an interest in product development and lighting, and I wanted to move into an area where I could use my passion and experience to further this. When the opportunity arose for me to join Ratio a year ago, I saw the potential to grow in a newly established business in a quickly developing market with an exciting product.

As the Technical Development Engineer for Ratio, day to day I work on the latest products and am currently involved in the production and development of the io7 twin charger which is an amazing looking product.

One of the other key aspects of my role is to support our installers in any possible way to give them the confidence that Ratio has the products, knowledge and experience. The installers can rest assured that they can call upon our assistance at any point and speak to a friendly face at the end of the phone.

Martin Burton – Technical Development & Support Engineer

Martin Burton

Technical Development & Support Engineer

Coming from a background in sales and business management, leading sales teams and business units I entered the EV Charging world 5 years ago working for an independent operator. This sparked my interest in the EV world and grew my passion for the new and upcoming technologies that are entering the market.  I am delighted to now have the opportunity to be working at Ratio as we strive to lead the way in building products that can compare favourably in value, reliability and innovation with that of our sister companies in the lighting world where we manufacture world leading products and control systems for some of the UK’s largest businesses.

Matt Bull – Business Development

Matt Bull

Business Development

Hi, my names Ben. I’ve recently joined Ratio EV.

I have always been heavily involved in sales, specifically in the renewable energy sectors. I lived in Australia for 4 years as a solar consultant for a solar and battery company.

I recently took some time out of work to travel South East Asia. Some of the highlights include camping in the Sumatran jungle and seeing wild orangutans, island hopping in the Philippines to touring the northern Vietnamese mountain range on a motorbike.

Seeing the devasting effects of climate change made joining a carbon neutral organisation a must, and Ratio EV ticked this box. The EV world has always interested me, and my passion has grown over recent years seeing all the advancements in technologies. I am delighted to be part of a newly established and thriving business at the forefront of these advancements.

In a competitive market we aim to stand out with our excellent customer service and innovative products whilst delivering on our promises. It’s my personal mission to build long standing relationships with our installation partners so we can succeed in making the world more adapt to an EV future.

Ben Thorp – Technical Sales Engineer

Ben Thorp

Technical Sales Engineer

Hi, my name is Jamie, I started my career in the logistics sector, in both freight and parcels, focusing on product development as well as planning.

I have been part of the FW Thorpe Group since February 2022, initially as an electronic printed circuit board Production Planner for Thorlux Lighting.

I started at Ratio as Production Lead in July 2023. My day-to-day role oversees general factory operations, order/capacity planning, stock management and quality control. We’re building a highly skilled, flexible, enthusiastic production team to manufacture new Ratio products.

I have always had an interest in Electric Vehicles and their capabilities. My work at Ratio has developed this interest into a passion to provide the best possible products to customers. I’m excited to see how far Ratio can develop the product range, ensuring quality and innovation are at the forefront of product designs.

Jamie Cooper – Production Lead

Jamie Cooper

Production Lead

Hi, my name is Sean, and I am a Technical Sales Engineer currently based in Redditch, England. Originally from South Africa, I moved to England in 2016. I recently joined Ratio in October of 2023.With a passion for technology and innovation, I thrive in dynamic environments where I can leverage my skills to drive growth and exceed expectations.

Prior to my current position, I honed my leadership and sales skills in various roles. I specialised in the solar, fibre optic and international manufacturing industries, driving business growth and managing key accounts while leading dedicated team to success. My international experience has provided me with a global perspective and valuable insights into managing commercial customers and distributors in multiple regions.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in team building, key account management, and cross-functional leadership. I thrive on challenges and am adept at identifying areas for improvement to drive continuous growth and success.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I enjoy indulging in my hobbies of golf and competitive trap and game shooting, finding balance and inspiration in both work and play.

Sean Johnston – Technical Sales Engineer

Sean Johnston

Technical Sales Engineer

Malcolm Stapleton Image

Ratio ticked all these boxes and more

At Garage Play we turn tired and run-down garages into a genuine new space for the home, this could be a gym, an office, or simply a neater, nicer garage space. As part of our offering we wanted to supply EV charging equipment, but we need it to be smart enough to cope with differing power availability and solar interoperability, reliable and robust enough to cope with everyday living, plus good looking to fit in with our total proposition. Ratio ticked all these boxes and more! 

Malcolm Stapleton
Garage Play
Dominic Longley Image

One happy customer! 

Matt and the team at Ratio helped us out recently when we needed an urgent installation for a solar compatible home installation. They delivered the unit directly to site the next day and Martin even came out to site to make sure everything went well. One happy customer! 

Dominic Longley
Able Electrical
Ben Smyth Image

Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions

We have been working with Ratio for a couple of months now promoting and installing their domestic chargers to our customer base. Customer satisfaction is vital to our business as word-of-mouth and repeat business is an important part of our overall marketing plan. Ratio provide us with the back-up and support to give us the confidence to install these solutions. I would happily recommend Ratio to any business looking for a reliable partner.

Ben Smyth
Director EV PowerPoint
Ross Shore Image

The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need

We are looking to grow the EV side of our business for both domestic and commercial installations. The guys at Ratio give us the tools and support we need from one manufacturer to provide a leading solution for our customers in both these markets. 

Ross Shore
RSS Electrical