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If you have, or are thinking about buying an electric vehicle, it is important to consider not only the car model you would like but also to stay well-informed and comprehend the necessary installation requirements for home EV charging solutions. Here at Ratio, we have the confidence in our knowledge, products and support ensuring that we can guide you towards making informed decisions and choosing the right solutions for your needs.
One of the benefits of installing an EV charger at home is that it is yours, giving you the peace of mind that by choosing a product, such as the io5, that it is great quality, has been safely and compliantly installed, and will give you the optimum benefits of convenience, app-based capability, and eco-friendly charging.

  • Convenient charging
  • Dynamic load management and solar compatibility
  • Controllable via the Ratio app with set timings to optimise energy tariffs
  • Multiple socket and connections options
  • Multiple io5s can be connected to a single mains supply and share the load equally

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Ratio home charging is designed to give you the best way to connect two of the most important things we all have in our lives, a home and a car. Giving you the peace of mind that you’re safely and reliably connecting, with products to suit all your needs.

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The Ratio io5 is compatible with all new electric vehicles. The plug and go design with built in cable storage is simple to use and controllable from a mobile phone, allowing management of all charging needs from the comfort of your own home. The io5 is available in three options; type 2 socket, tethered cable or coiled cable, with speeds of between 3.7kW and 22kW. LED charging indicators show simple status verification, and any OTA (over-the-air) updates are automatically applied.

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The Ratio io5 is connected to the Cloud via Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection and controllable via the Ratio app. The app enables the user to set timings, and measure and report usage to take advantage of low-cost tariffs. The optional sensor box allows for dynamic load management, maximising power delivery.

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The Ratio io5 is fully compliant with UK government regulations. Dynamic load management guarantees that the available energy capacity from your home connection is distributed in the best way possible, and app control eliminates unauthorised usage. Further to this the PEN fault detection function ensures protection during the charging process without the installation of an earth rod.

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